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I've missed make-up ...

Make-up is something I kinda stumbled into. When I was in my teens, the most I would do was some gold eyeliner underneath my lash line and lord knows I LOVED a green contact (I know, I know thank God for growth because yikes). It was really when I turned 20 that I started venturing out with make-up more. Like most girls I turned to YouTube and the OGs like BeautyByJJ and Shirley B Eniang helped me to figure out how to do my make-up properly. Then, of course, I joined MAC and my passion was cemented.

If I'm being real with you though, doing my make-up now has felt like somewhat of a chore. Finding something to preoccupy little man whilst I beat my face is A TASK and he'll only watch me for so long before he wants to go and play. However I'm trying to prioritise making time to get dolled up and feel good about myself. So when I can (and can be bothered) I'm making the effort because it genuinely does make me feel nice.

So I thought I would share some of my favourite tips at the moment, with more to come of course:

- I LOVE lining my lips with a deep chocolate pencil (My favourites are the Sephora brown pencil and the Kiko brown pencil) and then going over it with Chocolit By Fenty Beauty. I learnt this tip from Yvonne Victoria and it really does make your lips look so luscious! I normally go in the centre with a nude and voila - kissable lips!

- Contouring is something I absoutely love and I am really happy with my combo at the moment. I use the Studio fix stick concealer in NW60 and set it with Film Noir blush (both by MAC). This is such a nice contour for deeper skin and I highly recommend!

- I will ALWAYS swear by the Inglot Gel liner in 77. It's so black and creamy and glides on the skin like a dream, creating the perfect flicks.

- Lashes complete a look for me. I tend to go for wispy lashes that fan put more towards the end for a cat-eye look, my faaaave.

- BLUSH IS YOUR FRIEND. I used to think blush was for aunties (and it is) but it can be worn by anyone for an effortless flush of colour on the cheeks. The bolder the colour is the lighter pressure you should use and add more for intensity depending on your own preference.

That's all for now but more beauty posts are definitely on their way! Mama needs to start looking cute again!

Happy beatinggggg,

Presh x

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